Bounty from the sea and a kind neighbor

Our neighbors Scott and Terry brought over this beautiful 2lb/1kg chunk of sashimi-grade ahi tuna! A friend of theirs caught it and shared it with them, and they have shared their incredible bounty with us and other neighbors. Wow, we are so-o lucky! This made three different meals for us. (Click on links for recipes)
Ahi  tuna Slices of ahi for peppered steaks

First, I pan-fried one slice with furikake (actually a Japanese nori and sesame topping for rice) — a dish I learned here in Hawaii (Furikake Ahi). Oishi-katta!
Ahi furikake Ahi furikake with rice and takuan pickles

Two thicker slices were coated with mixed (white, black, Szechuan, green and rose) crushed peppers and quickly seared so the inside remains uncooked (T’s favorite) — Ahi with pepper crust. We served this with mashed potatoes, mashed Okinawan potatoes (purple mash on left), sesame sauteed warabi(fern greens) and shredded daikon namasu.
Ahi pepper filet

Lastly, I made a pasta sauce with the trimmed smaller pieces, cooked with roasted tomatoes, olives, capers, anchovies, garlic and oil — Tonno Puttanesca. This base will have a splash of vinegar added before mixing for a cold pasta salad to take with us on Monday when we have to vacate the house for the termite exterminators (yikes!).
Ahi pieces cooked for pasta

Mahalo, Terry and Scott, for these three wonderful meals!