Christmas in Honolulu: City Lights

Menehune on the Lanakila Pineapple Express
Christmas trees amid swaying palms, Menehune (Hawaiian “little people” of fable) on trains, Hawaiian sea turtles playing with penguins, a snow family braving the full tropical sun — must be Christmas time in Hawaii! The annual Honolulu City Lights display is in full swing again in front of city hall, Honolulu Hale. It’s a whimsical glimpse of how the Clauses might spend Christmas morning after Santa’s hectic dash around the globe the night before. Hawaii is one of Santa’s last stops on this side of the International Date Line, so it’s time to kick off the slippahs (uh . . . boots), and have a tropical cocktail juice and some local grindz (laulau and poi). (Now that’s what I’m talking about!)

Christmas in Honolulu
Santa and Mrs. Claus hangin' loose
Penguins in Hawaii?? Snowbirds that know how to chill
This Honu ofers Santa a cool guave juice Laulau and poi are on offer from this chillin' Honu
They're okay as long as their hats stay on . . .
Next in store: The Christmas Tree display inside Honolulu Hale . . .