Passing the torch

Well, we’ve enjoyed having the “E for Excellent” badge all to ourselves for 2 weeks, and now it’s time to pass it on. Nicisme, baking, clicking and blogging in the UK via Cherrapeno awarded ThreeTastes with this badge. And now we’d like to award it to five sites that define Excellence for us:

1. The Tasty Island: Pomai is for me the arbiter of Hawaiian culinaria. He not only covers the best and the tastiest of restaurants and drive-inns, but also explores the minutiae of Hawaiian classics: ramens vs. saimins, Spam and its look-alikes, loco-mocos, you name it. I read and often think, “I did NOT know that!” and then have to fix myself some kind of snack. Also check out his great how-to guides on local favorites like kalua pork, ashtibitchi, and Portuguese bean soup, to name a few.

2. Rubber Slippers in Italy: Kauai-expat Rowena lives, eats, gardens and travels in and around the Lecco province of northern Italy, near Milan, with her Westie, Maddie, and husband, MotH, and shares her adventures with us with wit, whimsy, and often thought-provoking comment. She’s a local girl living my dream life in Italia: searching out festas and sagras, local delicacies, and allowing us a peek behind the curtain at the marvel that is Italy. *sigh*

3. Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska: when you first read the title of this weblog, it’s understandable if you do a double-take. Mediterranean cooking. In Alaska?? But Laurie will make a believer out of you. A “recovering attorney” (I can say this, as someone with the same affliction) and part-time resident of Greece, Laurie’s attention to detail and sprinkling of helpful tips belie her former profession and her love for her topic. On her site, also check out her book, “Tastes Like Home,” a collection of recipes from members of her Greek Orthodox church — the proceeds of the book go directly to building their new church.

4. Lavaterra: lavaterra pens her eponymous weblog from her corner of Munich to share her inventive baking, cooking, and Wandern (hiking) in and around her hometown. I love her posts because she shows such fearlessness when it comes to trying new foods, techniques, and spices. She writes mostly in German, and hers is one of several German sites I visit to keep my reading skills semi-current. Thankfully, she accepts comments in English since she is a Canada-phile and fluent in English.

5. Obachan’s Kitchen & Balcony Garden: Obachan is the Japanese familiar, “Auntie,” and also the pen-name for this wry and insightful Japanese gourmand living in the rural village of Kochi, Japan. Obachan shares her kitchen experiments and glimpses of life in her community in sometimes poetic, always delicious prose. Reading her posts, I always marvel to think that she is writing in a second language (English)!

Thank you, All! (Mahalo, Grazie mille, , Vielen Dank, Domo arigato gozaimasu) I hope you enjoy your Award. When you’re ready, you can pass this badge on to your favorite five sites too.