“Three Tastes of Hawaii” Prize Package

What are the three tastes here? 1) Salty, 2) Sweet, and 3) Coffee

OK, we’re stretching it a bit to call coffee a separate flavor, but how could you have a sampler from Hawaii without coffee??? This is the prize package of our favorite flavors of Hawaii — the stuff we’re hoarding in quantity to take with us to….where? If you’d like to guess and possibly have all these sent to you in Japan or Australia or Germany or the UK or Kansas or Alaska, check out the rules and enter your guess here. (Please don’t leave guesses on this post)

So what else is in here?

SALTY SIDE: Poke (POH-kay) Mix with dried chilies, sea salt and dried limu to make your own poke at home — just add your own favorite fish or seafood or tofu, and lemon or sesame oil, and you’ll bring a true taste of the Islands to your corner of the world; Smoked Octopus — think of it as seafood jerky; and Alaea Sea Salt, a blend of Hawaiian red clay and sea salt — great for roasting or grilling, adds a pleasant metalllic but sweetish salt flavor.

COFFEE & NUTS: organic milk chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, also plain salted, and onion-garlic flavor macadamias, and a one-pot sample of Kona blend coffee

SWEET SIDE: Dried Mango with Li Hing Powder — an addictive local favorite; Li Hing Powder — find your own uses for this versatile sweet and tangy powder: dressings, sauces, popcorn, margaritas & other cocktails, sprinikle on dried fruits and gummy candies; Wolfberries (aka Goji beries) — the wonder fruit rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants (not really from Hawaii, but this is where we learned of its wonderful properties and use it almost daily.) Read more on Wikipedia about wolfberries.

Keep the guesses coming… there’s no definitive winner as of today, but if no gets it exactly right, the closest city guessed will be the winner!

Read the rules and enter your guess here.