Happy May Day

Happy May Day! My spring sabbatical is officially over with a welcome to the warm weather ahead. YAY!!!

The weather here in metro D.C. has been quite chaotic lately — swinging between the mid 40s and high 80s. Lots of rain, too. I understand now where the expression, “April showers bring May flowers” comes from! And although today is the first day of May, it is the second of 4 days of promised rain. So to remind myself that rain is a good thing, and that the gardens and blooms are happy to see the showers, even if I’m not, here is my tribute to all things in bloom and coming alive everywhere.

This post is dedicated to my SIL, Tra, who is just home after a too-long stay in the hospital. Tra reminds me of these cherry blossoms — she looks delicate and fragile, but she returns after every bitter winter as resilient, beautiful and signalling hope to everyone who sees her. Stay well, Tra!

In April, the sakura, or cherry blossoms, around the Tidal Basin were every bit as stunning as I had always dreamed they were…

This year we took off in the early morning with only spam musubi and oatmeal cookies on hand, but next year I’d like to follow fellow blogger Biggie’s lead and prepare a proper Hanami, or blossom-viewing picnic. Check out the grill and other goodies her guests enjoyed under the cherry trees in San Francisco!