Program Note: Live Webcast with Alton Brown for World Oceans Day

“Calling all Foodies!…”

This coming Friday, June 5th, Food Network superstar Alton Brown will be appearing via live webcast from the gorgeousMonterey Bay Aquarium in northern California. The live event is one of many celebrations taking place around the world for World Oceans Day, which is actually on June 8th. The webcast will air on Friday at 1200 (noon) PDT, which is 1900 (7pm) GMT/UTC.

Chef Brown is a staunch supporter of the MBA’s Seafood Watch Guides, which have been promoted several times on this site, and he’ll be discussing some of the recipes he prepares at home using the Guides. The Seafood Watch program provides regional guides to making sustainable and mercury-free choices of fish and seafood. The guides are available online, as hard copy, and for your mobile phone or iPod. And the Monterey Bay Aquarium partners with similar programs in other countries that provide guides for their citizens.

The broadcasters are soliciting questions now for Chef Brown to answer during the webcast, so if you have a question you’d like to see answered on the live webcast, you still have time to register and submit your question.

To watch the webcast, you have to register (just name and an email address) before noon Pacific Daylight Time with the Aquarium, and they will send you a link to the webcast so you can access it when it goes live. You can register here.

Chef Brown will be appearing with MBA founder Julie Packard so if you have questions about the Aquarium, Seafood Watch, or any of the Aquarium’s other programs, she is accepting questions as well.

This will be a nice kick-off to the weekend to get us in the mindset for World Oceans Day, and perhaps find some inspiration for menu ideas, too!