BMB: Raisin Rye Bread

Update: Champa’s Round-up for Bread Baking Day #37: Breads with Sponge or Pre-Ferment, is ready. You’ll find a wonderful collection including a twist bread, pancakes, several versions of ryes and raisin breads, ciabatta, and so much more to tempt you! **************************** Behold Son of George, the rye sourdough starter — smaller, milder and studded with golden and dark raisins, but […]

BMB: Coriander-Spiked Banana Braid

Continuing my resolution to bake bread at home more often (BMB: Bake More Bread), today we’re back to a recipe we first tried 12 years before and know we love: a banana yeast bread from the1000 Classic Recipes cookbook. I had never tried a yeast bread flavored with bananas before then — I had always […]