Happy May Day

Happy May Day! My spring sabbatical is officially over with a welcome to the warm weather ahead. YAY!!! The weather here in metro D.C. has been quite chaotic lately — swinging between the mid 40s and high 80s. Lots of rain, too. I understand now where the expression, “April showers bring May flowers” comes from! […]

Calamansi Margarita

It’s another CLICK! event, and this time the theme is Citrus. The Jugalbandits are accepting entries until August 30th, so get out your cameras and join the citrus-scented fun…   It’s the King of Limes, in my book — Calamansi — also known as Kalamansi or Calamondin (Citrofortunella microcarpa). It’s flavor: a cross between lime […]