Reiki … Re-Gifted?

I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed making friends and hearing from the many souls who have stopped by this site, even if only once, to share a comment or send an email. Your wisdom, your thoughtfulness, your many kindnesses, and of course your wonderful recipes and stories have enriched and expanded my world […]

Acupuncture, Part III: Brewing Teas at Home

For the last in the series about the experience of receiving acupuncture in the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) setting, a brief look at how treatment carries over from the acupuncture clinic to your kitchen and home. You can choose to supplement acupuncture treatments with herbal “teas” — more properly calleddecoctions, but even the herbalists call […]

Acupuncture, Part II: The Clinic Visit

After receiving quite a few comments and emails about the difficulty some readers have with the pictures with needles, a needle-free version with the disturbing photos removed is provided here. The text and links are all the same, you will just be spared the sight of any needles! Although non-TCM physicians and licensed clinicians also […]

If you are what you eat . . .

. . . better know what you’re eating, yeah?! One of the trickiest issues I’ve come across while researching the management of a gout-friendly kitchen is the lack of resources when it comes to the nutritional values of less common Asian vegetables and fruits, and prepared ethnic foods. While some, like konnyaku and kelp (kombu) […]