Spring at Brookside

It’s sunny and warm today…YAY!! The last time it was this nice, I found myself at the Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, Maryland, and came across this goose by the side of the brook that runs along the east side of the Gardens. It may not have been a golden egg she was guarding, but I’m […]

Animal Gourmets

It’s tempting as Homo sapiens to think that we are special in all the universe. In many ways we are, of course, but it seems every day we learn things about our fellow inhabitants on planet Earth that remind us that intelligence, learning and emotions are not unique to our species: parrots can do arithmetic, […]

From Pupu to Pupusa…

November 13, 2008 This has been in the queue since the end of September… Getting back into the swing of preparing posts has been a challenge, but things are finally falling in place. Many thanks to everyone for your support and concern. One more belated post to come before we get up-to-date… Thanks for your […]