“Rim of Fire” Paella

Anyone who has lived on the West Coast of the Americas, the eastern shores of Asia and Australia/New Zealand, Indonesia, and Guam will know the term “Rim of Fire” to describe the chain of volcanoes that bubble beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean’s edges. This subterranean activity sometimes finds its way to the surface […]

What we will miss…

There is an expression here, “You lucky you live Hawaii” — and it’s true. And though we don’t get to live here permanently, we know we are lucky to have spent so much time in Hawaii. And as that time draw to a close, we’ve been thinking back on all the wonderful things we are […]

A Crabby Meal

You might expect this to be about a meal of crabs — Dungeness or Snow, perhaps. Instead you’re spying on this sand crab with me as he munches on his morning meal. He’s only about 4 inches long (or should I say, wide) and almost exactly the color of the surrounding sand. He sat just […]