Acupuncture, Part III: Brewing Teas at Home

For the last in the series about the experience of receiving acupuncture in the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) setting, a brief look at how treatment carries over from the acupuncture clinic to your kitchen and home. You can choose to supplement acupuncture treatments with herbal “teas” — more properly calleddecoctions, but even the herbalists call […]

Acupuncture, Part II: The Clinic Visit

After receiving quite a few comments and emails about the difficulty some readers have with the pictures with needles, a needle-free version with the disturbing photos removed is provided here. The text and links are all the same, you will just be spared the sight of any needles! Although non-TCM physicians and licensed clinicians also […]

Food as Medicine: Krautsuppe

After all the heavy foods from Thanksgiving, our taste buds really craved a kick — something completely different and new. It’s been very drizzly and damp outside and we both still have a cough from that flu we had last week, too, so something soupy seemed in order, as well. A recipe from Lavaterra in […]